Thursday, January 26, 2006

Billion Dollar Market for On-Device Portals

"London, (PRWED) January 25, 2006 -- The industry is witnessing the adoption of On-Device Portals (ODPs), a new generation of products which deliver content on the mobile phone through the use of a software client application. Orange Downloads, Vodafone Live Cast, DoCoMo i-Channel, Sprint Nextel On-Demand and O2's planned deployment of Qualcomm uiOne, are some notable cases of on-device portal deployments which have already taken place worldwide. According to a recently published report from wireless research and consulting firm, ARCchart, the ODP market is now poised for aggressive growth and is forecast to reach a value of $1.4 billion by 2009.

Mobile operators will initially lead ODP deployments but eventually media companies will dominate.On-device portals are an evolution of WAP, as they leverage the handset's capabilities to deliver a more compelling user experience, increase service awareness and streamline content purchasing. ARCchart classifies these products into three categories: offline portals, on-device store-fronts and home-screen replacement products. ODPs have emerged to address the poor take-up of mobile data services. Operators have spent billions of dollars on next generation networks and on sourcing content from media brands.

However, non-messaging data revenue is still low: for a successful operator like Vodafone UK, the increase in pure data revenue generated between 2004 and 2005 is estimated at just $88 million." Full report

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Calsoft signs deal with Macromedia

"California Software Company Ltd (Calsoft) said on Wednesday that, Macromedia, Inc and the Company has announced a distribution agreement under which the Company shall license, distribute, and integrate the Macromedia Flash Player SDK and Macromedia Flash Lite into embedded and handheld devices in India, South Asia, and U.S. markets.

California Software Labs (CSWL), the Company's fully-owned subsidiary, is a leading provider of embedded software engineering, BIOS, and content development services.

Under the terms of the agreement Flash Player and Flash Lite licenses can be purchased through the Company to enable embedded system developers and OEMs to include Flash in their devices. More>>

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nokia competition entries

We at Chatebots Limited, have entered a number of applications into the Nokia competition for Flash Lite companies. These are Retch, Mystic Ed, BetaHorse, Winter and our latest app Kia.

She is a Clone of a number of Japanese females and we a re please with the way the animation on this one has come out.

The Jaanese text on the app. means 'Love', which we hope users will feel for this newbee to our collection at

Monday, November 07, 2005

Bluetooth Object Push Automator Action

"Robert Hall is a Flash Lite developer and in order to test his projects out he needed to get them from his Mac to his various cellphones. Bluetooth seemed like the best way to go about this and he managed to kludge together an applescript that would take care of the transfers for him, but it wasn't quite right.Luckily for him, and with the help of Framework Labs Bluetooth Push Action, he was able to make a Work Flow that did the trick, and it is available for you to download (if you need things moved to your mobile devices via Bluetooth)." More>>

Friday, October 28, 2005

Mystic Ed goes live

Mystic Ed, the new Flash Lite app we have developed at has been published at and on our sister site .
He is based on the Celebrity here in the Midlands, who has featured on TV on numerous occasions and in the national and local press. His website is at

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mystic Ed

We at have produced another app, which we think is one of our best so far. It depicts the British celebrity, Mystic Ed.

Currently in development the application can be downloaded onto your mobile phone, and using the latest Flash Lite software, will help to predict your future.

Mystic Ed, based in Middle England, is a professional psychic and clairvoyant who specialises in crystal ball and tarot card predictions. He has been featured in countless television and radio programmes over the past ten years, as well as being featured in the local and national press.
Earlier this year he appeared on the UK's Channel 5 programme Housebusters, with former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis.

Now he will be making predictions over the airwaves straight to your mobile phones - via an automated, artificial intelligent, chatbot.
Simply ask the mystic bot a 'yes' or 'no' answer question via your mobile handset and you will get an instant response. This great project will be released shortly.

For further details about Mystic Ed visit his website at

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Macromedia: Advancing With Mobile Innovation

"Last week's purchase of Mobile Innovation by Flash maker Macromedia signals a significant shift in the way mobile user interfaces will develop in the future. We talk to Matt Millar, co-founder of Mobile Innovation and new Practice Director of Macromedia's Mobile and Devices practice in EMEA, about how the change affects Mobile Innovations products and services.
We first featured Macromedia's plans to push Flash from a content presentation tool to mobile UI enabler back in July 2004.

Since then Macromedia have announced a number of licensing agreement, including Nokia. The drive looks as though it will be moving up a gear with the purchase of UI specialist Mobile Innovation. Mobile Innovation have been behind a number of the UIs seen on today's Symbian OS devices.

Richard: What is the motivation for Macromedia's purchase of Mobile Innovation?

Matt: Mobile Innovation has used Macromedia Flash for PC prototyping of user interfaces for as long as its been in existence. In the last 18 months Macromedia has made Flash Lite available and moved into the mobile space. As a company we questioned why we were prototyping with one tool and then implementing the design in C++. If we could go straight from the prototype to running, it would made a lot of sense.

As Macromedia started to work in the mobile space we started working more closely. We offered Macromedia our handset experience and helped inform their development. Over time it became clear that the companies shared goals and the deal progressed from there." More>>